Can you say more about the story of this conversation with Kris Plachy? I specifically would like to know what thoughts got you to that mindset – or if you just made a commitment to that mindset?

It made me think about when I did an “ideal day” visualization a LONG TIME AGO when I was first taking classes with you. In that visualization I realized that one of the most awesome things was not just that I was doing all these dream things in my ideal day, but it was what was NOT there – and that was the obsessive thinking/self-monitoring about whether I was doing things well enough, how I was doing, if I was good enough, etc., etc. ‘

I was just doing this awesome things and even if they were difficult, I just wasn’t constantly wondering/doubting if I was good enough. I was just fully engaged. I do this well when it comes to athletic/physical things (even when it’s clear I’m not “good enough” – it doesn’t seem to bother me as much), coaching, teaching. I have times with art and writing where I am better, but not to that ideal day self yet, but I practice. (I think of that self as Lulu, btw, she is a lightened up and simpler version of myself :). And struggle the most when it comes to entrepreneurial things.

So, one of my replacement thoughts for thoughts I have about “not being good enough yet” is to think that that “not good enough” is an irrelevant and pretty useless thought. One of my replacement thoughts is that aiming for “good enough” is too small and inadequate a container.

My other thought is that I can have that thought that I’m not good enough- and maybe have it for the rest of my life- but just not give it so much power, not believe it, notice it and keep moving on through.

So, my other specific questions are: what do you think of these thoughts?
Do you have any other suggestions for replacement thoughts?

Thank you!