6. Model: Money in my bank

Hello! :)))

I would like some thoughts and insights about money. I want to save more money and definitively stop buying useless stuff. Since I joined SCS, I’ve been reducing this pattern (get money, spend money) but, I’m still doing it here and there. Sometimes is almost unconscious and a few days after I catch myself canceling memberships that I don’t need. The past strategy, I was asking myself “Do you want that?” or “Do you need that thing?”

Any other ideas?
Also, I’m not sure about my unintentional model.

C: Money in the bank
T: I have money, I can buy this little cute thing!
F: Excited
A: Spend money
R: Don’t have money on my savings account

C: Money in the bank
T: Spend money is an urge, you can feel your feelings and don’t buy anything
F: comfortable
A: Allow the urge
R: Save money and don’t buy anything useless

Thank you! :)))