6 point outline for artist/painter

Hi Brooke!

Thank you for all your material you share with us!

I’m an artist, a painter. I’ve watched an re-watched your entrepreneur-video’s. Have made notes, started to do the work, make my plan.

# Decided on my target market:
– High-middle income foreigners that love art and live within a radius of 50 km from my home. (I live in Spain, in an area where many Northern Europeans have moved to).

# Their problem I’m able to solve:
– White wall
– Need/want compensation or balancing of their state of mind
– Need/want more beauty around
– Need/want inspiration, stimulus for creativity, fantasy
– Need piece that helps reflect
– Need/want consolation in form of art

# Then I got ‘stuck’ at the ‘6 point outline’
Do you mean I should explore the above solutions (point 2)?

What about the Intro, conclusion, edit and design? How do apply this on my paintings?

– I decided on my price.
– Spoke with a photographer to make pictures for my website.
– Planned writing my bio/information on myself.
– Planned meeting with an interior designer who works for foreigners that build their house in my area.
– Planned meeting with person who collects art and has a network in my target group.
– I make a decision on the price.

Have ideas on how to ‘overdeliver’.
– Bring more paintings at their home to choose in their own home, environment.
– A 2 weeks for free trial.

I’m also a certified art therapist and Feng shui consultant but hesitate to use this knowledge in my communication. My doubt about this, or my thought(!): “Many people think of art therapy or FS as ‘alternative’, and it might irritate them”. I’m thinking that I might use this knowledge depending on the client. It might be better not use it in my marketing/communication for this target group.

Will you give me feedback on this so far? Especially the 6 points. I don’t dare to say ‘I’m confused”… but don’t see the equivalent of 6 chapters, 6 video’s for my paintings.

For the first time I feel the motivation, the urgency to follow through. And yes, sometimes I wake up in doubt… but I’m able to handle these thoughts and go on.
(just started this October).

Thank you!!