69 and fearful

Underlying a lot of thoughts/beliefs in my thought downloads is a deep fear of my vulnerability, i.e. the weakness/decrepitude that might come with getting older. Here’s an example of that in a model, below. I really want to enter this part of life with more joy/trust/surrender, controlling what I can control and letting go of the rest. Even when I construct an intentional model around that uplifting thought however, I wobble in my ability to believe it. Thanks for your help with this.

C= age 69
T= I’m worried about:
– living very far from our kids
– living in this big house (that I don’t want to care for on my own) if hubs dies or is incapacitated
– not having a tightly-knit community of friends nearby (= who would help if we really needed it?)
F= distress, anguish
A= creating opportunities for more community; scoping for ways of being closer to friends + family; reminding hubs how good it is for us to take good care of ourselves;
R= Constructive actions are pretty good but the constant inner buzz of low-level distress is not!