$7000 this month

I set an impossible goal this quarter to earn $7000 in one month. I’m just under $6000 for May, which I’m super proud of. I’m taking action to get the rest of the way there. However, this money won’t hit my account until two months from now. The money I earned two months ago will, and it’s about $1100.

Another big goal I set was to create my first paid coaching client this month. I’ve signed 5 free clients and grown my confidence that way. I know that neediness and graspiness won’t create a paid client. Being curious and wanting to serve and provide immense value will.

But my brain keeps going back to worry and NEEDING to create a paid client so I can pay my rent and bills and credit cards for June. If I have to, I’ll put some expenses on credit cards (and will likely have to since my expenses are closer to $2500 or $3000 each month).

I’m just not sure how to show up from service and creating value when my brain keeps going back to worry and needing to make money to pay bills.