80% Done Workshop

I have been battling some serious health issues over the last four years. Joining Scholars is a calling for me right now. With so many things that I haven’t had control over for such a long time… this is one thing I feel in my bones is where I am supposed to be.

I did my first workshop today and it was over procrastination- which I have always done. However, my question is this. How do I handle my feelings of guilt that I get when I am physically unable to do something or complete a task because I am ill? It feels like the same guilt I have when I am just procrastinating, but there is a physical disability involved.

I know how powerful I am as a human, but my body can be so weak (also so, so strong) at the same time. I know that having a healthy mind can create a healthy body,  mind over matter. I just don’t know how to get things done when I have a physical illness.