90-day relationship


I would like to try to introduce the 90-day relationship concept to my husband and I have fears arising because I already feel love for my husband, even if I have identified things I/we could work on to improve our relationship and love feeling. But I’m afraid that certain parts of that experiment might hurt our relationship, or one another.

More specifically this is about telling the truth always and sharing everything.

At the moment, I’m madly attracted to another man, I can’t see sharing this with my partner as something useful. I can consider sharing my wishes behind that (like having more sex with my current partner, in different contexts, use that experience to make my desire for my husband grow etc.) but not the full truth. I’d be afraid of hurting him and the relationship without a useful reason.

How should I handle this kind of topics?

Am I really supposed to share the whole truth when I feel it’s not useful, rather the opposite?

Would that damage the whole experiment if I chose not to share one or two specific points that I feel might hurt him and us with no benefit?

Another, lighter, question I have is about time : How much time should we commit to the exercises? For instance, I’ve heard “we used to spend 3 hours nothing just the two of us, being there” I just don’t feel I have enough time to do that long with my job and kids around. What do you recommend in terms of time?

Thanks for your feedback.