90 day relationship program

Good afternoon,
I emailed the team and they told me to post my questions regarding the 90 day relationship program here.
To my understanding, there have seen some married couples who have done the 90 Day Relationship program and had success with it. My husband and I are looking to do this, however, we have some questions.
We watched Module 1 and 2 last night, but we are confused as to WHEN you do the worksheets? It seems obvious that you complete the worksheets for Module 1 & 2 before starting the 90 days, but how do you go about the 90 days? At what point do you watch Module 3 & 4 and complete those worksheets?
Also, do we show each other our answers from Module 1 worksheet?

I know it might be a little different since we are married, but I want to be sure to get the most out of the 90 days.