$9,000 WIN: March work came to LIFE today!

Brooke! Everyday this month I have been focused on believing that “I am capable of making $9,000 a month”.

Last year I made $6,000 total so it seemed reasonable, lol.

You coached me at the modelthon (funnel Elizabeth here!) and I have doubled my business every month since January.

I’d like to report in and say that after believing all month long…TODAY surpassed the $9,000 a month mark!! (like cash in the bank!)

Achieving $9,000 in a month is AMAZING. Seeing my belief work come to life….is literally priceless. I did the work (mostly just the mind work!). I showed up with amazing value…and my people came to me.

I’ve done it once and I can do it again.

I can’t say it enough Brooke. THANK YOU.

I turn 32 on the 31st and the more I manage my mind, the better things get.

(I would like to be one of your testimonials…just a suggestion! lol)