Choosing my market – do’s and don’ts

I am enrolled in the certification program and have a lot of questions about what to do once I am certified. I am fluent in 4 languages and have lived in 6 different countries. I wonder where to even establish my coaching business. Will any of the following be answered in the second part of the certification program?
– Can I live in a country and target another country and remain credible? I want to live in a specific place, but I also think that it will be difficult to grow a business there (high taxes, little prospects of growth, socialist mentality, not my target audience…) There are other places in the world where I think my business would pick up much faster (I understand the culture, could have a podcast in that language, build a niche market…) but I don’t want to live there. Is that compatible?
– Does my location matter? how much of the marketing is online? does physical presence matter? Can I live in the countryside somewhere and run a successful international coaching business? or would I need to do a lot of networking, showing my face at conferences etc… be more successful in a big city?
– Should I have materials in the 4 languages I speak (including podcasts) to reach maximum audience, or is that overengineering and counterproductive?