How This Flu Is The Best Thing For Me?

I’ve recently read the book ‘Caffeine Blues,’ which is a horror and informative book, written by a doctor, about the dangers of drinking caffeine.
I picked it up because I started noticing what happens to me if my morning coffee is for any reason being delayed. I was not fun to be around. I was irritated, shaky hands, moody, and could not think of anything else but about how do I get my coffee. Well, that can’t be good. So I read the book and decided that I will start to cut back and slowly get off of caffeine.
Then I got this nasty flu. High fever, terrible cough, the whole thing, and had to switch to teas and broths for the past five days.
All of a sudden, getting a coffee wasn’t even on my mind, I just wanted to soothe my throat with fresh mint tea and soups.
I am looking at these past five days. Hey, I quit caffeine for good and didn’t get to feel the withdrawal symptoms because I had other symptoms to worry about. This flu is a sort of blessing in disguise…