When a relationship is complete

I have a BFF that told me she doesn’t want to be friends right now but didn’t really explain why. She said she’s been feeling a certain way for awhile but she never said anything. This happened over a month ago.

I’ve done self-coaching work and have bridged from hurt, to angry, to acceptance and eventually to love. Whenever a negative thought would pop up in my head I would choose the thought “Yes (the negative thought) AND I’m grateful she came into my life”

My question is, when do you know that a relationship is complete? I feel ready to move on, no longer feel negative towards her, and really do wish her well. I just don’t think we are a want match and that’s okay.

Her wedding (that I was disinvited to) is this Friday. When I ask myself “what would love do?” I feel like love would text her congratulations and wish her well. But then I wonder if that means I don’t think the relationship is complete.

Any suggestions?