Social drinking

I am wondering if you have any advice for a person who is solely a social drinker with an overdrinking problem. I am finding that as opposed to dealing with the urges or creating a drink plan I am consistently avoiding events where I know drinking will be inevitable. I would typically love to go to these events and drink till my hearts content, however since starting the work with SCS I find it easier to avoid these events and not even go out with my friends.

Im finding this is creating weird anti social thoughts in my head. For example a big group of girlfriends are all going skiing tomorrow where bottomless mimosas are being served for ladies day. I would love to go ski with friends but know my difficulty in sticking to my drink plan therefore I have already decided to not attend this outing.

I want to stop drinking however I also really enjoy drinking with friends. I am having more and more instances where drinking has caused negative encounters with friends and family. I can’t continue this behaviour and really wish I could moderate the amount I drink. I know a thought error is that I am “unable to stop” but I do truly feel that this is the case; often times I am the one who is ordering our next drinks before our first is even finished. I lose all concept of the work I have done through SCS and my brain leads me to drink till blacking out.