A belief that does not serve me

I am having a very hard time with a belief that I recently discovered I have that does not serve me. My mother is extremely close to her sisters. Ever since I can remember as a small child, she looked forward to the weekends where she could be with them. Many times she would leave me and my brother with my dad so she could “get away” with them to have a “break.”

As a result, I learned as a child that being with the sisters was the place that mom was happiest. This is the thought I had as a child. I remember feeling incredibly left out most of the time and as a result, I developed extreme resentment towards my mother.

As I have been doing thought work over recent months, I realize that as an adult, I have a belief that I am left out of things. I see it with friends, with my job, still towards my family and my kids. I did not know this was true until I started coaching around some of my behaviors. So much of my thoughts are “I am left out” with many different circumstances. I realize this is not a belief that serves me but now I understand the source of the thought. I am looking for an alternative belief because “I am left out” always leads to feelings of worthlessness and invisibility. I am looking for a jumping off place to turnaround this self-damaging belief. Thanks!