A better thought about urges…

Thanks all for your support as I go through these challenging days with respect to my food.

I think I’ve come up with a better feeling thought…

What if – the urges DIDN’T have to go away? I’m so focused on ‘OMG how long is this going to last for, it’s so strong, I can’t function, I just need to eat to get the urge to go away’ but WHAT IF, just WHAT IF, I was willing to live my life WITH the urge, and it never ever has to go away? Well, in that case, I feel like my resistance to the urge goes totally down. What if it NEVER had to change, and I was just going to go about my life anyway? And maybe I’m crabby, or aloof, or weird, or I act funny or say something odd or I’m distracted. What if I was 100% committed to feeling the urges and welcoming them?

C urge
T hey urge, you never have to go anywhere. welcome to my body.
F indifference
A continue about my life, don’t halt plans because of how I’m feeling, maybe I work on school work, or do work, or whatever.
R my life gets better, and I live more authentically without trying to hide the urge or shame about it.

And what if I did the same thing when I’m “feeling fat” or when I want to beat myself up, or bite my nails. I feel like this would truly change me.

I actually think that I’m not going to start with the strict food planning like Brooke suggests, I’m just going to do no sugar no flour, maybe some intermittent fasting, and I’m going to see how that goes. I don’t want to go off the deep end yet, but I’ll notice all my urges to eat off this plan. Then, if I feel I want to introduce the food plan, I will. I think I currently have resistance to strict planning with my eating disorder history, so that part can wait.