A bridge between March & April

I am happy to bring this up, because I think it is great evidence into how the work flows into itself from month to month…. and if anyone who is reading this is struggling to know how to tie it all together? Maybe this will help.

I love time management and productivity, in fact for a long time in the past, I read and focused on this. And I thought that when it came around for us in SCS as homework, I’d be applying it for ME. MY business. MY financial goals, etc.

But when I set my goal for April, it wasn’t any of that. It is the fundraiser that I am holding on Go Fund Me, for my best friend’s kids. She died 6 years ago. Her 3 children have been raised by her mom and step-dad ever since. Her daughters (the 2 eldest) are now finishing highschool, and her mom expressed to me her sadness, about not having the time or the extra funds to set aside for their education in college and beyond. I have always wanted to help in a more tangible way than words or support.. so this really inspired me.

So my April task… is the fundraiser goal, to raise $10K to give to her mom, to use for the girls. I broke this down into the steps necessary, and I realized that to meet the goal, I will need the Feb and March homework. Because what I know is that there is limiting belief here, “I am not good at fundraising.” or “I don’t know how to fund raise as well as others do”

Bullshit. Failure is not an option. I signed up and committed to raising $10K and that is exactly what I am going to do.

So part of that is knowing what feelings/ beliefs I need and working every day to make sure that I believe them and then taking massive action… 100 people need to donate $100. And I may need to ask 300 people to get that job done, but that is what I will do. I will legit ask every adult that I know who is living above the poverty line if they will contribute until I find 100 people to donate 100 dollars (or 200 to donate $50, etc)

Week one we got to $1200.

I just want to thank you, Brooke, and to the rest of the coaches who do tutoring, the calls, and answer these questions…. I never would have set a $10K goal without this foundation. I would have picked something easier. $2K? Maybe?

This is part of my goal and vision statement. That not only do I create a meaningful life by making choices that manifest my own dreams… but that I help others reach theirs too.

I love and miss Jen every day. And so I don’t even care about rejection, or “the difficulty” of fundraising. I have a compelling why… and I will see this through come hell or high water.

So thank you, for helping me to empower myself, and some of her HS friends to take this on, and not give a shit how “difficult” or “easy” it is. We’ll get it done. That’s the promise I made. That’s the promise I keep.

$10K raised in April. For Jen. For Gwen. For the Girls. No matter what it takes.