A Case of the "F Its"

This weekend I had a case of the F Its where I ate off protocol. This is the model at the time, but I need some help with it–

C: Sunday afternoon/evening
T: “Screw it. I don’t care if I eat off protocol. I can start again tomorrow.”
A: Ate and drank off protocol
R: Sense of relief…felt good temporarily–then mad at self for going off plan.

I am not sure what that thought causes me to feel. Perhaps deprivation. It feels like the “diet mentality” and keeping me stuck.

I can see that I was buffering here too. That it was Sunday and I have having a sense of dread for Monday and all the things I have to do this week, which some are stressful and out of the normal. This tends to happen on the weekends for me and all week I can easily stay on plan. I actually love planned eating/drinking because I can take care of me from my higher self and with love. It allows me to feel good.

Any other thoughts/ suggestions that might be helpful are welcomed. =)