A Coach Not Using Ask a Coach

C: Goal to use Ask a Coach more, but I haven’t used it in months.

Thought download:

I’m a coach so I should do self-coaching to figure this out instead of getting help.
I don’t want my peers to see my unintentional thoughts.
I want to be put together.
My thoughts are super messy.

Feeling download:


Action download:

not using Ask a Coach
not self-coaching on the things I could bring to Ask a Coach
not processing my feelings
judging my thoughts and my feelings

Result Download:

My thoughts are still messy, they’re even messier with the layer of shame on top.
I’m not figuring this out.
I don’t even see my unintentional thoughts.
I’m not seeing that maybe using Ask a Coach is MORE put together than not using it.

What am I not seeing Coach?