A Contradiction

I have a question about something I am finding is a contradiction in insight I have received from two different SCS coaches. I don’t see this contradiction as a problem, but my brain is in a bit of a knot.

I have the last 5lbs to lose, and one wanted to do so before my planned vacation. I was doing the thought work to get to a point where I’d be okay even if I didn’t achieve that goal, and feeling the unanswered desire of wanting to be that weight and not hitting it, and posted it on scholars. The coach suggested that “if I were given a million dollars to hit that goal before vacation, what would I do and what would I think?”. For me, this triggered a scarcity mentality when I chose the thought “I will do ANYTHING in order to hit this goal”, and I started eating off protocol as a result of feeling the scarcity caused by that thought.

So then I also posted about the feeling of scarcity and the fact that I don’t think I’m going to hit my goal before vacation, and a second coach asked why it is important that I achieve this goal before vacation. Originally, it wasn’t, until the previous coach suggested that maybe I COULD reach the goal.

So, I started off being okay not hitting the weight, then I decided I wanted to try and got myself into scarcity mode, and now this last coach suggests that couldn’t I be okay without hitting that weight.

My brain doesn’t like this.

C: two different coaches offer two different perspectives on Ask A Coach
T: I was doing fine before I started thinking “I’d do anything to hit my goal”, and now they’re suggesting that maybe I don’t need to hit my goal? That was my original thought to begin with.
F: Annoyed
A: I tell myself a story that I can’t rely on this work, I start to get “confused” that I don’t know which is the right way, I put my decision making power in the hands of scholars coaches, I want a “right” answer and I don’t want any grey area.
R: I don’t know

Help please!