A Deadline & A Jury Duty

So I was planning a perfectly executed month to meet a writing deadline. Then Jury Duty came and I was unable to postpone it this time.
I am summoned today to go and stand in line of thousands of other citizens and see if I will be picked.
I decided that I want to feel good, calm, and collected about the whole experience.
Reading online on forums and blogs had scared my brain because I couldn’t find a single testimony of how fabulous it was. Everyone describes is as a pain in the neck, waste of hours and days and ridiculous compensation.

I played around with these thoughts:

This might be an interesting experience.
I could still take with me my notebook and try to do some writing in between.
If I will have to serve on a trial, I can always double down on weekends and still meet my deadline.
It is an honorable civic duty to take on.
This is part of the privilege of living in America.
This is for me.

So I don’t yet feel excited or that interested but I have to do it anyway.
I wonder what do I need to do when thoughts that I create on purpose don’t generate the needed feelings?