A Different Way To Experience An Urge

I have listened to all Brooke’s teaching about weight loss, buffering and even stop overdrinking as I set myself a goal to stop overeat.

On one hand Brooke states that urges are uncomfortable and feel really unpleasant and then she says So what? we can do hard things.

But looking at the model if I understand it correctly, we are not allowed to put “urges are uncomfortable/hard” on the C line because different people might experience urges differently. To some it might not be such a big deal.

And so it made me question whether or not thinking that urges are really hard and unpleasant as a fact serves me.
On one hand it could make me feel proud if I will overcome the difficulty of allowing them, but on the other hand, what if they are not an issue at all and I am now presenting my brain with a difficulty that someone else experienced for no reason?

And so why do you state that urges are hard and uncomfortable? Is that a scientific fact?
And if it is, is it still useful to believe that?