A few dares

Hi Brooke,
I am one of your scholars who hasn’t done a dare for each day, but I am working on changing that! This week, I traveled to Atlanta to deliver a training session to a large client, and I have three dares related to that trip:

1. When I wear my “business attire,” I always wear spanx under my pants because I have been convinced that without them, I would look like a big fat blob. This was true even when I was at my goal weight (I am now 12.5 pounds away from goal weight, having lost 35 since February – Yay!). So here’s the dare: I didn’t pack my spanx and I DIDN’T EVEN TRY ON MY OUTFIT TO SEE HOW IT WOULD LOOK BEFOREHAND. This might seem small, but it felt like a huge risk for me. The awesome part is that I LOOKED GREAT WITHOUT THEM. And (bonus) I was way more physically comfortable.
2. The training course is one I’ve given before, but not very often. I know it, but I typically obsess over prepping for it for a day beforehand. This time, I allowed myself 30 minutes of prep, right before it started, even though it made me nervous to do so. And, guess what? I rocked it!
3. This training delivery is one where I partner with a large group of other trainers, some of whom I know better than others. There are a few core people who are sort of the “popular” kids. They know everyone, tell the most stories, are the most social, etc. This trip, I didn’t let that intimidate me. I got to know two people I didn’t know very well and said yes to to social gatherings that were outside my comfort zone.

So I am here to say, bring it, June! Thanks for everything, Brooke!!