a gift to my husband

Hi coaches,
I’m very mad at my husband. My mother sent a gift for my husband, and my children. He said the gift was not useful. When I said that it would we nice to say thank you anyway, he replied that he didn’t see the reason why he should say thank you.
I really don’t like the way he behaved. Ih happened a few times before. I tried to change my thoughts in order not te feel hurt but I can’t come up with anything. The reason why I can’t is that he’s very hurt when someone doesn’t show gratitude to him. Politeness is also one of his values. Wy would he be so rude?

I did an unintentional model:
C: husband says the present my mum offered is not useful and that he doesn’t see the reason whyhe should say thank you
T: he’s being really rude
F: resentful
A: I don’t connect with him, I give him the cold shoulder, I ruminate, I criticize him
R: I’m not being polite either

How can I react differently? I really need some help.
Thank you