A Goal For Post Surgery Recovery

I am scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy next week and was told by my doctor that I am looking at 6 weeks more or less of full rest, not doing any exercise, not experimenting with any diet, not lifting anything, just recovery at home and managing surgical menopause symptoms as well as post surgery body recovery.  I would like to try and set for myself some rudder for how the first month of my recovery will go.  I cannot make a fitness goal or weight loss goal.  I could make a reading or writing goal but I really don’t know what to expect in terms of my recovery during the first few weeks.

It feels right and important for me to have some frame for the month while I rest–something that will give me some purpose so I won’t lay in bed the entire month and watch Netflix.  I would love your help with direction for a monthly goal for post surgery that could be measurable.