A HA!!

Well, this isn’t a question but a huge A HA I got just from reading through the posted questions & responses.

I’ve been away from home visiting my family this week…they are a closed off bunch who are not introspective or even interested in anyone else. Like you Brooke, I spend most of my time asking people questions, but these folks…well, there’s nothing underneath. Everything is “fine” or “ugh” or “good” or “that sucks”. So, I realize I’m lonely here.

And also here I wind up thinking a lot about & eating a lot of unhealthy food. Yes, my dad is an amazing cook, but I’ve done a lot of work around this. But why am I overeating?

And it hit me tonight – my life here is NOT better than food. My life here – when I’m visiting – is blah. Uninspired. And I haven’t done the work to make it better than food. That’s the work I need to do here to lose the loneliness and the overeating.

Thank you!!