A hard decision

I have been working with a therapist for 2 and half years and its been super helpful. I worked through the problem that I initially needed help with, then continued with weekly sessions and worked on other things.
Now I am a member of SCS, and I am wondering if to keep seeing my therapist. I have been in SCS for 3 months and already I have seen a massive positive change in myself.
It feels like the work I do in therapy drags me down and fills my mind with problems that I end up thinking about all week. Where as with SCS I feel uplifted and get huge clarity and able to take new action quickly.
For me right now, it feels that there’s almost a conflict my doing both. Also I would have more time to do more SCS work if I didn’t go to therapy any more.
I could always go back to therapy if I stopped found not going was the wrong decision. But even knowing that, it feels like a big deal to stop going. I look forward to going, I like my therapist.

Thanks for your help