A Leap

I feel like throughout SCS I will make leaps of understanding, hang out in the new place for a while, and make another leap. I think I just made one.

Who is the person I will be when I make $100K+ in my business?
C – I have a business that makes $100K+/year
T – What’s the next thing I need to do to grow this business? How can I do that today? How can I serve my community more? What do they need?
F – dedicated – committed – belief – inspired
A – make decisions, produce, schedule & honor it, put the word out/tell people/don’t hide it – build a team – unite people – write – design – set up systems
R – make $100K+ in my own flexible business

It all seems so clear when I put it this way. I know exactly what I need to do . . . now to do it.