A letter from my pre frontal cortex.

I’ve made some real progress with my usual buffers recently. I wrote myself a letter (I’ve called it a ‘love letter to myself’..schmoozy or what?)
I read the letter whenever I have an urge. That’s the deal, the commitment I’ve absolutely made and t’s easy because when I finish the letter I can still choose to buffer or I can choose not to (always).
The letter includes lots of thoughts and reminders about why I’m doing this work. It takes about 4 minutes to read and has a sentence at the end…’now sit for 5 minutes and be with whatever comes up’.
The only thing that ever seems to come up is …’I just really, really want it’ (and by then I usually don’t).
This ‘snacking’ has been with me for years. Surely there’s something else driving the ‘I just really want it’?
How do I find THAT thought? Many thanks.