a Marie Kondo in my house, but… not in my mind.

1. I notice yesterday and today I’m writing the same answers at question 5. 6. 7. 8.

Do I write models on all of them to see what alternatives I come up?

2. This month we organise our mind and life. I know Brooke (and others say) ‘how you do one thing, you do everything’. But I notice for my house I’m a Marie Kondo, my family and friend call me so.

I know exact what I have, where it is, all clean and at its place. 100% organised. I’ve no problem with giving away what I don’t use or don’t love. I’m not a minimalist, not a maximalist, but a conscient ‘mediumalist'(!) But my mind…. That’s another story. I’ve many thoughts that are not serving me at all.

So what is your comment on this? Can it be that it’s not the same for all ‘compartments’ of your life?