A Moment

Hi Brooke
Thank you for the advice you gave in my previous posts. I am putting it to work.

Today I wanted to share an awesome moment from yesterday.
I was at work, focused on work, when suddenly I felt a rush of well-being, of everything being right in my world. It lasted 10 or 15 seconds and felt so powerful. This may not sound significant, but I am a person who primarily feels neutral or OK with interspersed episodes of stress and anxiety. I am typically externally upbeat and fun-loving but my internal barometer is usually at neutral. There have been only a couple of times in my adult life, years ago, that I can recall a complete, spontaneous whole-body sense of well-being and connectedness – and I have never forgotten those moments. I am so excited to have felt it again and I am attributing it to the process of moving aside some of the negative thought/emotion overlay that I have built up in my mind and opening channels for positive emotion to come through. It has rejuvenated me and made me so excited to continue. Wow!! What a rush. Many, many, many thanks for this most awesome program.