A money cut-de-sac

I went Black Friday shopping over the weekend and saw some things that I really wanted to get. I lingered in the store and didn’t end up buying anything at all. Basically, I do this a lot. I peruse catalogs and walk through stores only to never buy anything. I check my bank balances and feel good that the money I didn’t end up spending is there is my bank account, but then I feel deprived. Also, when I’m talking myself out of buying something I want, I ask myself if I really need it and that I shouldn’t buy it because I’m saving for a home. But then I feel like the money I’m saving from not buying anything is a drop in the bucket for a down payment for a house. I feel like I don’t like my reasons for saving or spending, and this is a problem I’ve been having with my money relationship for a really long time. I feel very stuck.