A Money Model

OK so here’s my UM:

C: money
T: It’s going to run out each month before I’m paid again.
F: stressed
A: don’t plan purchases, spend money unconsciously, worry, buffer
R: The money is gone before I get paid again, and I have no idea where it went.

Now, here’s my IM:

C: money
T: I am learning how to manage my money.
F: confident
A: I plan my spending. My bills are on my calendar so I know when they are due and how much they are. I don’t make impulse purchases. I track my income and my spending. I regularly check my account balances.
R: I always know what’s going on with my money.

I like this IM. I think I can work with it and work on believing that new thought every day. It feels good to me. I’ll work on it and report back. Any other feedback from the coaches on either model?