A month of models – 4/30

Some recent models ….

C: I work at N/it is March 5th
T: I am going to get a full time job this month [March]
F: confident
A: research jobs, get coached on job searching, talk to my therapist about my self-doubt and fears, tweet that I’m looking for a job, respond to replies, apply for a job, interview, put everything I’ve got into completing a test project for potential job, accept job offer
R: I got a full time job in March

C: job interview
T: of course they’ll hire me
F: confident
A: show up in a good mood, ask questions, listen to upbeat music beforehand, plan when I’ll quit my other job
R: I got a new job

C: I completed a trial/test coding project
T: I did a good job
F: proud
A: appreciate my skills and abilities
R: I create the experience that I did a good job

C: I’m a web designer
T: I do exceptional work
F: proud
A: think about past projects and appreciate the work I did
R: I create the experience that I do good work