A month of models – 5/30

So, I created the result of getting a new job in March and now I am observing this model

C: Tasks assigned to me/it is Monday/G said to expect a project this week
T: They might give me a task I don’t know how to do
F: Worried
A: Spin in my head. Delay asking what I should work on. Worry that they might realize hiring me was a mistake. Judge myself by thinking I should already know how to do everything. Try to remember what I said in the interview. Question whether I was dishonest. Judge myself for things I said in the past and judge myself as stupid. Get sleepy/want to go to sleep. Try to console myself by reminding myself I did a test project (this doesn’t work to help me feel better).
R: I am not present. I am living in an unwanted potential future.

I’m not sure what other Results I am creating.

Can you please coach me on this model?

I think it is tied into not wanting people to think I am stupid.