A new friend

I met her at church she was funny animated we seemed to connect.
We decided to meet for lunch
C New friend & I met for lunch
T This will be fun
F excited
A Met for lunch
R OMG Drama Queen everything was negative

When I left I went off food protocol and had a mocha I felt my head spinning my body felt like a blanket of darkness covered me.
I know I am a people pleaser (liar) Victum attitudes really get under my skin my thought at this point is Get Over It the world doesn’t evolve around you!! But my people pleasing that I am working on I noticed I spoke out more than normal and asked her what’s the upside of her not liking people? Her response I am justified in how I feel and I am always right about people and if I don’t like someone they will know it!! What really made me realize my fall back when it gets to confrontational I back down and to make matters worse by the time we left she said she enjoyed our time together & is always available and would love to do this again? I said oh sure that would be great! As the words are coming out of my mouth I’m thinking NO I won’t ever do this again!!!! How do I process this! I don’t want to avoid just because something is hard or negative! I’ve done that to long and there is no upside!! Thank you for any insight