A note of gratitude

I am truly grateful for everything I learned in Scholars during this, my first month. Doing daily models in the workbook helped me in real, tangible ways every single day. I realized how often there was at least a little gunk under the hood, and doing a model on the gunky thoughts got my head clear and set me up for a happier, more productive day.

I’m writing this on the heels of finishing a huge editing job. Brooke’s teachings about work, procrastination, and buffering helped me so much with this and I truly am so proud tonight. The work is due tomorrow and I still had a lot to do when I woke up this morning. Ordinarily, I would have faffed about through the day, checking FB and mail, snacking, and leaving a lot of the work for later in the day when I was tired. Instead, I did a model this morning and chose to finish the work by 6:00. I laid out the A line with specific start and stop times, noted what I would and wouldn’t do on breaks (music and walking instead of FB and email), and STUCK TO MY PLAN. I didn’t even snack :).

Now I’m free for the evening and I feel like a million bucks. I definitely plan to keep up with the daily models because they helped me with this specific task and really, all month. Because of them, it has been a great month.

So this isn’t a question but a heartfelt thank you for Scholars and all that I’m learning here. Bless you, Teachers! Your work is GOLD.