A Paradox

Everyone needs a life coach, and… self-coach/ask my own brain first and do my own Models.
These ideas seem contradictory to me, but at the same time true.
Part of me thinks if we ask our own brains first, we’ll never need help. But here I am, asking for help.
I, too, have thoughts/beliefs that within us is everything we’ll ever need, and at the same time… I think the thought that if we were meant to do life all alone, we would be all alone on a planet all by ourselves… everyone needs someone sometimes, aka: I can’t be my own brain surgeon!
I need a life coach. I need to coach myself.
(I am fairly new to Self Coaching Scholars, December was my first month 😀
C: I see how encouraged we are to participate fully in SCS through doing our daily Models, doing our podcast work, getting our monthly 10-min tutoring session and also submitting to be coached live or post in Ask Brooke, and attend the monthly classes to ask questions and get support and clarity.
T: Everyone needs a life coach, and/but do my self-coaching Models and ask my own brain first
F: Reluctant
A: I don’t submit for live coaching. I want to pay for private coaching, but then doubt my want because I am capable of coaching myself, except now of course 😉 I don’t fully engage or participate in everything because I think I “should” be doing it myself.
R: I am posting this Model and request for clarity in Ask Brooke

Where do you think people might, or most likely, find themselves when they’ve reached the “end” of their self-coaching-brain inquiry-filter’s capacity? When they’re feeling afraid? When they’re feeling confused? I feel afraid and confused now just asking a question because I think I’m supposed to answer my own questions. Do we coach ourselves first with Models, asking our own brain’s wisdom to fill them out, but when we’re stuck somewhere… ask for help?

When doing Intentional Models, could/should I do one Intentional Model from the perspective of right now, like the ladder-thoughts, and also one “as if” from my Future Self’s perspective?
I think I can do anything I want. Isn’t that great!?

Haha! YES! Yes, it is 🙂 Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! <3