A Physicians Schedule.

I am a physician. I have just completed all the modules for Monday Hour One, seems like this is directed at business people and in her example, her hours worked are many less than the hours I work in a week.

There is some predictability to my days but there is some unpredictability to my days as well.

For examples , I can outline the hours I have patients booked and pretty well predict that if its 9-12, I will be done by 1pm for example.
What is not predictable is the time it takes me to answer messages, review labs, results, etc on any given day as this is variable; again I have some idea, but somedays things just come up and a single patient may eat up an entire hour of my day. How do I account for this?
Do I separate out the different parts of my work day; ie. block in my patient time; block in my results time, lab time etc; add in daily overflow time, and then just play around until I figure out better how long it actually takes to do each of these tasks?
I also notice she didn’t put breakfast, or any of her kids stuff on her calendar – shouldn’t that be on my calendar, my kids sports, my workout time etc.
What if there is not focus time left in the day? Or might I consider my focus time for things like reviewing labs/results at work? Or do I reduce my focus time as I am not in a business career.