A Purpose Looking At Systems And Data And Money

Hi, how long can a purpose be? I have 4 basic bits to my purpose statement, *make a shit tonne of money, *show the data, *design better systems and *help people. The only optional part is the helping people part. This is what I’ve come up with, but it feels too long, like I’m adding on the most important part. “I want to show the data to help people design better systems, and get massively rewarded for it”. I also have “I want to make a shit tonne of money through helping people design better systems through showing the data”. In my life, the understanding systems part has always been there, and I have just discovered a new data software tool and it’s so exciting I want to use it forever, and build in a data analysis package in my business offerings. I’m not asking you to choose my purpose statement for me. I would love some feedback on it though as I move closer towards a single sentence.