A Question About the Impossible Goal

Hi, Brooke.

I’ve brainstormed a few goals, and the same three really keep coming up. The two I’m most excited about are “publishing a New York Times bestseller” and “earn one million dollars.” I’ve never earned $100,000 in a year, although I think it is possible if I put in time and effort, which is, of course, a mindset I want to move away from in favor of the “create value” money mindset. I also think that publishing ANY book would most likely be a part of the one million…My question, then, is a matter of scale, I suppose. Making a million might include a lot of other goals I’m excited about, but I’m afraid that’s cheating. Should my focus be on one of those “smaller” goals, like publishing an NYT bestseller,” or is a big, impossible umbrella goal the point?