A & R lines of the model

Hi! I was hoping to get a little bit of help regarding the action and result lines of the model, as I always get stuck there.

As an example: my husband and I pastor a small church. We’ve only been here about seven months. Many of the people in our church have expressed a desire for a Sunday evening service. We hesitated because it will require a lot more work, but decided that if the people wanted and needed this, we would make it happen.

After only a couple of weeks, we have been surprised at the minimal number of people who have attended and the low energy from those who do come. My husband and I have been surprised, frustrated, and a little aggravated. They come dragging in late and obviously tired. I am able to figure out the circumstance, thought, and feeling lines for my husband and me. However, I struggle with the action and result lines.

Perhaps this is not even a good example of how to use the model.

I’m trying to help us feel better about things and move forward in the most positive and productive ways.

Thanks for any assistance.