A Relationship that leads to marriage.

hello Brooke,
I don’t quite know where to start. I’m 49 and I have decades of very negative thinking on this topic and co-conspirators in my aunts and a few other women. I thought I had simply aged out of my desire for a mate in 2017 until I met another single woman who has talked me into going to bars, clubs, concerts, events etc with her. I’m too ashamed and embarrassed to request coaching in SCS. I was at the Modelthon on Apr 23 and was afraid to raise my hand and receive coaching on this topic. I listened intently as you coached everyone around me I’m the 1 of 3 Black women there that you didn’t coach, the one with the long dreadlocks. I have very negative thoughts on this topic. The answer is to do models and STOP ALL THE NEGATIVE TALK. Stop watching, reading and listening to negativity on this topic and others. side bar: Trump at the modelthon ..oweeee, I’m guilty. thank you!
C- Men
T-Liars, cheaters, he just wants sex
A- apathetic, untrusting maybe dismissive
R- alone, no relationship

T- he’s 50 or over and he’s looking for a care provider, he’s going to bore me to death,
F- fearful,
A-probably do or say something to unintentionally turn him off and cause him to move on
R-alone no relationship

T- there are men who have integrity, who are faithful, who are available and looking for a relationship
F-confident, peace, dating is fun
A-go on dates and enjoy them
R- I’m in a committed relationship that leads to marriage

**NO THIS WAS NOT my unbelievable goal