A Review

I have been in SCS for several months and I believe that my understanding of the concepts is deepening. I would like to get a better grasp on bringing the concepts together and applying them though. My mind is whirling.

This work in SCS is to strengthen my sense of me, to better embrace the essence of who I am and want to be, and to have a strong, excellent relationship with myself.

First, I decide what I want and then I go create that. Pick and truly commit to the results that I want.

Ask myself what actions I need to take, what emotions I need to feel, and what thoughts I need to think in order to get these results.

Practice the intentional thoughts.

Envision and be my future self who has reached these goals. Step in to the essence of her. Show up as her with the standards she has. Be her. Direct all of my thoughts to that space where my strength being me is.

Commit to taking massive action.

Allow my feelings to process through me. I can expect to feel doubt, fear, and confusion. Each time I feel those human emotions throughout the day, open up and feel the feelings. Feel the feelings of discomfort and other negative emotions. Breathe. Expect my primitive brain to scream often. It is designed to protect and scare me. Direct my mind back to the results I want and the thoughts to think to get me there.

Do a Thought Download every day. Pick a thought and do a model to remind myself that every single thought in my brain is optional and to examine the effect of my thoughts on my life. I have the power and the privilege to decide what I want to think and feel.

Live in emotional adulthood. I want to continue to take that step in to managing myself and my own mind, so that I am not dependent on others for how I think, feel, and act.

Also, live knowing that circumstances are truly neutral. If I feel neutral, then I am just observing the facts. If I feel hurt or some other negative emotion, then I am the one assigning a painful meaning to the facts. Circumstances can NEVER affect me positively or negatively. The only thing that creates my feelings are my thoughts about the circumstances. For instance, what someone says to me can bring up a lot of emotion. If I can take responsibility for being the creator of that emotion because my thinking is creating that, then I’m in the power position.

Remain aware of any judgmental attitude toward myself. Embrace my humanness. I’m not working to get to a place of no more human emotions. Life is 50/50. Treat myself with love and compassion every step of the way. Trust myself. Follow through on the commitments I’ve made to me.

I want to continue to grow and get results in my life. Is there anything you would add that will be good to keep in mind and to apply at this stage of the growth process?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.