A Strong Mindset of Enough

My brain often believes that if someone is more gifted in whatever way, that equals more worth.  And conversely, if not as gifted, then not as worthy in the world.  That seems to be how the world works.  This story is definitely not serving me.

Thought work in this area is absolutely key and foundational.  If I’m not grounded in knowing my worth and in a great relationship with myself, then it will be hard to create results I want.  My brain will be seeking to prove the core beliefs true no matter the other work I try to do.  That is why I believe I feel overwhelmed and discouraged at times when trying to lose weight, to meet an impossible goal, to be creative, etc.

Believing we are enough and complete is the first round of thought work that needs to be well established.  A continuation of study and focus of application in this area would be so good. How about another month of study, like Part 2 to the work done in January 2020 “Your Thoughts About You”?  Or a workshop?  Or more podcasts?

For now, will you please help us to further develop a strong mindset of enough?  Will you give a little lesson here on what we need to be sure to keep in mind as we deal with the negative thoughts about self?  It starts with a willingness to believe we are enough.  I AM willing.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts.