A suggestion/request

I’ve been with self-coaching scholars for 6 months. I’m overseas so I almost always listen to recordings rather than join live. Lately I’ve looked for a couple of calls that weren’t recorded.

Would it be possible to indicate on the call schedule which calls will be recorded and which will not?

Also sometimes I want to go back and listen to a segment from an earlier call. I used to be able to navigate to the call I wanted but as SCS has grown I can’t keep track! I was thinking it would be super useful to publish a list that captured very briefly what was covered in each call so we might navigate back to it (eg Sept 6 caller 1 – event management stress and hair loss, caller 2 – actions needed to generate $100k, caller 3 – accepting physical symptoms e.g. migraine pain). I’ve started to do this for myself now, but didn’t do it for the first 6 months!

Thank you thank you for your amazing program!