A Thought…

I had a thought today that learning the model and applying it to my life is like learning to play the piano. When I first joined SCS, I had no skills. So all of my attempts at using the model to stop drinking, stop overeating, and starting to feel better felt awkward. I tried and failed a lot. But the longer I did it, the better I became. Soon – I went from zero skills – to feeling pretty skilled. I stopped drinking completely. Soon after, my overeating stopped. And I feel much better and more confident in myself. I trust myself. Finally. 🙂

However, even a virtuoso piano player practices every day. They even get coaching and advice from other pianists and teachers. Why? Because there’s always more to learn and skills to improve and things to tweak in your performance. There’s no “done” when it comes to mastery.

So even though the “big things” I wanted to accomplish have been marked off my list – I’m sticking around for the long haul. Because I’m finding that now that I understand the big concepts – what’s even more delicious is starting to see and understand all of the smaller nuances that are taking my understanding and implementation of your concepts to the next level. And it’s becoming even more fun and exciting.

Just wanted to share that – and let you know that you have a Self Coaching Scholar for life! Thanks, Brooke, for being an amazing coach! 😀