A win finding thoughts in my brain

I listened to Brooke’s class that she gave from the Cayman’s last week and have had a break through this morning! I’m so excited! She was telling someone that if you don’t have any negative beliefs that’s great, but also maybe look at your results, and perhaps you could be setting bigger goals for yourself; this is when the mind can get really active. So in my journal this morning I began to explore this; my life is pretty amazing and I do have lots of very positive thoughts about myself and my life, but my business, as a Life Coach, is showing nothing to me that I feel excited or proud about. I life is pretty comfortable, which is nice and all, but I’m not growing as I know I could be. As if on cue all these thoughts came pouring out on to the page, thoughts my brain must have picked up from an old boyfriend who had very negative things to say when I told him I was training as a Life Coach.

– Life Coaches are fake
– It’s a pretend job for pretend people
– It’s what women who can’t and won’t work do to keep themselves busy, to justify their existence
– Life Coaches are basically spongers, and make their rich husbands go out to work so they can play at home
– It’s not a credible profession
– No one will take you seriously
– It won’t make any difference to anyone whatsoever
– Nobody cares at all what you have to say, except rich middle class women who have nothing better to do than sit around and gaze at their navel

A bunch of thoughts to run through a model. I think the circumstance is ‘Being a Life Coach’ – does that sound about right?