A wonderful surprise

I just wanted to thank you for the skills I learned since October 1, as they made my holidays wonderful. I was excited about the 2018 “big goal,” perking along happily with those plans to fail, when a medical test for one thing turned up an unexpected serious result for something else (suspicious spots on my lung and a good-sized heart aneurysm.) My mom died last year from a burst heart aneurysm. I had several tests this month and will get results mid-January about when to do open-heart surgery, depending on what the lung spots are. Although my first gut feeling at this news was “now the holidays are ruined and I will have to fake it to the max to hide my feelings from my kids and grandkids,” my second gut feeling came from your constant repetition that we can choose our feelings. I won’t go into models or anything…just suffice it to say that I did some and chose to interpret this news in a grateful way (after all, these things WERE found in time to do something about them), reminded myself that feeling joy throughout the many, many holiday events was my choice, and I ended up having some of the best holidays I can remember! I made better choices (thinking “What if this is your last Christmas with your family?”), and I spend more fun times with grandkids and sent out far fewer Christmas cards. While I fully expect to overcome this health challenge, I hope I keep this mental perspective when making choices in the future. Every day COULD be our last, for whatever reasons, so what is the best long-term choice I can make right now? Anyway, I’m very grateful to have had this SCS information at my fingertips–and enough model downloads under my belt–when I got this news. It made a world of difference.