A worthy fail or just part of a 50/50 life?

My goal is to show up at work. I asked to work on one of our most important proposal development processes for our organization as a development opportunity. I am now supporting the person leading the process.

At the initial planning meeting, I was chairing the meeting. My big boss attended saw me chairing and asked if he was in the wrong meeting accompanied by a loaded look directly at person leading the process. I explained I was only chairing and taking notes. I delivered my presentation in the meeting and continued fine. Afterward, I made this all about me how I’m no good at my job, how they all think that. I blamed my big boss for making me feel unappreciated and inferior. I feel resentful towards him.

But I stopped my mind spinning and told myself I am at work to work and take action. I was productive all afternoon and completed the tasks from the meeting even if at first I wasn’t sure how I would do it. Is this a worthy fail? I showed up experienced discomfort and overcame it? Or is this just part of life?

I know nothing went wrong and I have done some models where if something similar happens again I can generate pride in myself for showing up or self-appreciation of my value.