A year of self coaching – How to feel better

Hi! I subscribed to Scholars to genuinely feel better. I decided to start with the lesson “How to Feel Better” in the “Mastering Emotional Wellbeing” of the Study Vault. How long should it take to go through the modules before I move on to the next lesson? I know it is hard to answer that, but I just want to have an idea of how much time am I supposed to spend on each module before moving to the next one. I ask because I was really inspired by the podcast 44 (A year of self coaching) and I wanted the “I want to genuinely feel better” to be my one year goal of self coaching, but I’m not sure I should spend an entire year only on the “How to feel better lesson.” Can you help me to establish a calendar for this one year goal or is it something I have to discuss in my weekly private session? Thank you so much!